Elliptical Conversations

In humid weather my elliptical creaks. When I first get on it and start pedaling (or whatever you call that movement), the left side creaks a high-pitched “Huh?” while the right side creaks a somewhat lower-pitched “What?” with every cycle.

It sounds like me and my husband conversing. Neither of us are deaf (well, not completely). According to each other, we mumble. Or the fan’s too loud. Or  allergies have stopped up someone’s ears. Or someone spoke just as the neighbor’s rooster crowed. Or something.

As I continue pedaling/whatever on the elliptical the conversation changes. The left side gets a bit crankier, saying “WHAT IS IT?” while the right side starts mumbling “Nothing” in an increasingly bored tone. Eventually the left side just makes snarky noises while the right side goes completely silent.


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