Writer Brain

My brain never seems to stop writing.

I tell myself to take a day off, to stop obsessing about my current project, to step back and relax and just STOP. What does my brain do in response? Comes up with an entire new story that it can’t stop working on.

Most likely I developed this habit as a child, when my stories were my escape from a life filled with perpetual bullying, both at school and at home. Once I was in bed I could work on my stories uninterrupted. I got in the habit of forcing myself to stay awake so I could finally give them my full attention.

A few years ago an agent said to me, “You’re a real writer, aren’t you? You’re writing in your head right now.” It was true, although I have no idea how she could tell.

I’ve now lived with my hamster-on-a-wheel brain for over six decades. I doubt anything will change, and I’m not sure I want it to.

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