Laura Garner, Author

Romance ~ Mystery ~ Hilarity

My Books

Kiss Me, Caitlyn
or, Romancing the Shrew

During “Taming of the Shrew” rehearsals, sparks fly as the leading lady fends off the advances of her seductive costar.

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Ball & Chain
Maddie Maxwell #3

Hired to find a missing woman, along the way Max finds her own bad-boy ex, a string of dead bodies, and a little girl with attitude.

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I Ain’t Superstitious
Maddie Maxwell #2

Why would a sexy female ghost haunt a construction site? Max is on the case when the ghostly pranks lead to murder.

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Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness
Maddie Maxwell #1

A dead body on the beach. A sexy ex-con. An impossible pregnancy. And a mystery only bad girl Max can solve.

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My Blurbs

Michael Palmer
NY Times Bestselling Author

“… a vibrant new voice in contemporary fiction, intelligent and funny.”

Ed Gorman
author of the Sam McCain series

“… a character study of considerable style and merit… teeming with its own small but important truths.”

Katy Munger
author of the Casey Jones series

“…her distinctive voice is enriched by a loving hand that gives her story unexpected depth.”


I’ve been a writer since I could hold a crayon, but only got around to writing novels this millennium. My two Maddie Maxwell mysteries took me completely by surprise. The first one, Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness, started as journal entries which morphed into short stories or scenarios. Then I started tacking them together in a rough narrative. That’s when Max’s voice, sarcastic but honest, began to take over. Since I liked mysteries I decided to kill someone. Then someone else. And presto, my journal morphed into a murder mystery — something I never imagined I’d write!

After workshopping the book in my graduate writing program at UMass, I started the long querying process. I wallpapered a room in my house with rejection letters before I got THE CALL from the wonderful Russell Davies at Five Star, and my publication journey began. I quickly followed up with I Ain’t Superstitious.

My third Max book, Ball & Chain, was released August 30, 2018. My first venture into contemporary romance “showmance” — Kiss Me, Caitlyn; or, Romancing the Shrew — was re-released in September 2018. I’m currently working on an untitled inspirational romance, and have several other romantic WIPs.

I live on Cape Cod (Massachusetts), where my novels are based in fictional villages. When I have time, I’m active in the lively Cape Cod community theater scene as a director. So far I still have my day job as webmaster for the northeast region of NOAA Fisheries

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